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I have come to realize that good people tend to not only turn the other cheek but allow others to slap them back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  This is not to suggest that the person being slapped is weak.  On the contrary, it proves that the target of such slapping has integrity beyond measure and undying compassion. 

However, there comes a time when the slapping must stop.  The person doing the slapping is having way too much fun, so we can’t wait for them to feel enough guilt to quit their bullying behavior.   It’s up to the person being slapped to finally grab that bully hand and stop the behavior. 

 If you are a bully, I’ve now got your hand!




“Courage is not the absence of fear or despair, but the strength to conquer them.”     Dhali Lama

Testimonies against Pat Workman keep pouring in…the more I talk to people the more they are sharing their frustration over the treatment they have received from council candidate Pat Workman.  Most of the victims are or have been tenants of Paradise RV Park where Pat Workman was manager until she got fired along with having a restraining order for harassment against her.  Other victims are people who rented storage space at the Storage Units Pat Workman also managed.  Identity theft is a serious concern for these victims because when Pat Workman was removed from Paradise RV Park many records turned up missing.

Decades of abuse in Quartzsite, Arizona is coming to the surface.  An elder who lives near Desert Gardens Classic Car Lot complains that he and his wife are bullied on a daily basis by men who work for Richard Oldham.  It’s no coincidence that Pat Workman and Richard Oldham often sit together at town council meetings.

The roots of corruption are being pulled up and we all need to stay strong as we head into the final days before the May 15th General Election where Richard Oldham has three candidates positioned on the ballot.  

 When you look at your ballot, KNOW that the following candidates are not working for YOU but rather, they are working for Richard Oldham:     

Ed Foster, Mark Orgeron, and Pat Workman



I was sitting at the bar sipping a cold beer and writing in my journal when along came a drunk with plenty of lines to make his catch for the night.  When I told him to stop hitting on me he replied, “I’m not hitting on you” then proceeded to grab both my hands and tried pulling me out on the dance floor.  I had to scream “NO!” in his face before he got the message and left me alone.

A few minutes later a beautiful local woman was singing for us when the drunk went up to her and started making sexual gestures while she was singing.  Everyone at karaoke was frustrated by his actions and when that drunk started to grab for the singer’s body I jumped off my stool and intervened, once again screaming in his face.

The bartender asked me what was going on and I explained…she talked to the drunk and soon I was hearing him sarcastically saying to other drunks at the bar “Hey, don’t touch me!” and other comments that made it clear he had no remorse for the behavior he had expressed towards me or towards the woman who was trying to sing her song.

Guilty people deny their guilt.  Instead, they switch and bait with the intent to make their victims feel guilty.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing…beware of people who want to make you feel guilty for something they should not only feel guilty about but should be making every effort to correct.



“Lies may be easier to tell and hear, but they don’t make the truth disappear.”

Yesterday a citizen told me that the only reason she’s voting for Ed Foster is because he was once an engineer so he must be smart.  The only thing smart about Ed Foster is that he has con artistry down to a science and our citizens are his guinea pigs. 

Two years ago some citizens went searching for facts to substantiate Ed Foster’s claims about his past.  Nothing showed up to suggest an engineering background or the military career he claims to own. 

It takes no effort to believe a lie and just a little effort to learn the truth.  Make that little effort to know the truth about a mayoral candidate who is lying through his teeth thus making a fool and a guinea pig of anyone who listens to what he has to say. 



Some friends and family warn me to stop being involved in the town as they are concerned for my safety.   Many of our citizens take great pride in supporting the idea of young American men and women fighting a war against terrorism, but they don’t recognize and stand up to the terrorism that is happening right here in our little town of Quartzsite, Arizona.

Bullies are all about scaring people out of taking action and if that doesn’t work, the bullies amend their strategy to scare the people who love the people the bullies are failing to scare.  Courage denies the oppressor their power to intimidate  In the words of Dhali Lama, “Courage is not the absence of fear or despair, but the strength to conquer them.” 

 Quartzsite,  Arizona doesn’t need or want me to stop being involved.  On the contrary, our little desert town needs people to stand up with me and take these bullies by the horns!   Together we can make sure that Richard Oldham’s political puppets Ed Foster, Mark Orgeron, and Pat Workman do NOT get voted in on May 15th!!!

Join  me this coming Sunday, May 6th at The MAIN STREET EATERY to discuss with our council members and Jerry Lukkasson ways to stop the corruption and start the bright future that our town and its citizens need and deserve! 

Free cool drinks, hot dogs, chips, and ice cream in the new air conditioning of MAIN STREET EATERY, the gathering place of Quartzsite. 

 See you there between 3/pm and 5/pm!



“The enemy has a staunch fear of being found out

that what they have to offer is what THEY want

and THEY need.”

 Truth is an extremist; it is not subject to compromise.  While people sit around and suppose, truth stands on its own and knows. 

A woman leaves the Wal-mart Store and heads for her car in the parking lot.  As she approaches her vehicle a man grabs her from behind and forces her into the car. 

Are there two sides to this story? 

No, there is a criminal and there is  a victim.

 What is happening to us in Quartzsite is not a political situation but rather, it is a criminal situation. 

We have three people running for council who have proven to be corrupt in many different areas, from corrupting children to corrupting RV Park tenants to corrupting the reputation of our town.  Ed Foster, Mark Orgeron, and Pat Workman have put out campaign signs that say “All Working for YOU!!!” but the truth is that they are working for Richard Oldham and we all know what THAT means! 

It certainly doesn’t mean that the best interests of Quartzsite are at the helm of their thinking.  Stop looking for both sides of the story because there are not two sides…there are only the criminals and the victims.  The truth of this situation does not represent two sides; it represents a crime in action and a victim being preyed upon.  In this case, the victims are the citizens of Quartzsite and the crime in action is a threesome of political puppets with a campaign sign that, in truth, should read:

Ed Foster

Mark Orgeron

Pat Workman

All Working for YOU KNOW WHO!!!




“The question is never IF someone is lying; the question is WHY.”

The goal of deception is to create confusion in the minds of the intended victims.  Once planted, those seeds of doubt sprout into distrust and gullability.

When those victims are told that Town Hall demanded D&D Produce to get a cement foundation the now-controlled minds look no further; they simply start throwing bricks at our town leaders thus remaining in denial over the fact that it was La Paz County Health Department that lowered the boom on D&D Produce, not Town Hall.

When these victims of deception are told that Town Hall is pushing vendors away by raising rental rates these now-trained minds are once again looking no further; they grab more bricks to throw at Town Hall rather than realize it is the owners of swap meet properties that determine the rental rates being forced upon our vendors.

When these victims are told that more and more vendors no longer choose Quartzsite based on mistrust of Town Hall the gullable automatically grab more bricks rather than recognize that The Town of Quartzsite sold one hundred more vendor permits last season than the season before.

When these victims are shown a baby bottle full of dirty water collected from Steve Bennett’s swiming pool these they jump on the bandwagon and breathe in more fertilizer delivered up the very faction that planted those seeds of deception in the first place.  They buy into the “dirty water” lie while the Town of Quartzsite continues to pass each and every water inspection that comes our way.

Ed Foster exploits the gullable to blame the innocent.  We don’t have to ask IF he is lying because we have ample proof of his deception.  No, the question is not IF he is lying…the question is WHY


Why is Ed Foster lying?  Why is Ed Foster deceiving our citizens?  Why does his girlfriend Pat Workman, who is running for council sit right next to Richard Oldham at council meetings?  Wake up and smell the corruption!!!



“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” 

                            Stephen King

 I once trusted someone with all my heart…then my eyes were opened wide when I gained enough insight to realize that I had been conned.

That realization really hurt, but is also set me free from being conned.  Such is the case with citizens who are seeing through the con of Ed Foster. 

 When I showed some supporters of mayoral candidate Ed Foster exactly what his political party did to a photo of me dancing with my grandbaby that they confiscated from my personal photos it opened their eyes to the deceptive tactics of the political party backing this mayoral candidate and it also showed the  true character of Ed Foster.

Check it out for yourself at





 Let me count the ways…

 1.  Jerry Lukkasson maintains a clean, spacious and friendly laundromat on Main Street that includes affordable shower service and one of the busiest restaurants in town.

2.  Jerry Lukkasson employs six people which serves not only the familes of those employees but also stimulates our local economy.

3.  Jerry Lukkasson served as a council member for 2 1/2 years before giving up his seat to run for Mayor  because his commitment to the economic growth of Quartzsite requires that he be in a position to ensure business growth for our town and the population growth that is sure to follow.

4.  Jerry Lukkasson is a facilitator for the Snack Shack at our Town Park  in that he has donated many materials and ideas.

5.  Jerry Lukkasson has been instrumental in the beauty of our town and is dedicated to improving the aesthetic value of Main Street.


Join us this coming Sunday, May 6th to discuss ideas for Quartzsite’s Bright Future!  Free cool drinks, hot dogs, chips, and ice cream in the new air-conditioning at the gathering place of Quartzsite,  THE MAIN STREET EATERY between 3/pm and 5/pm…see you there!



“This is not a political situation; this is a criminal situation.”

Politics is a euphemism for what is really going on in Quartzsite, Arizona.  The backers of mayoral candidate Ed Foster are doing every dirty deed in their “conservative political playbook” to keep us from knowing the truth…that what they have to offer is what THEY want and THEY need; not in any way what the people of this town want or need.

They are going so far as to make death threats on Citizens who want nothing to do with Ed Foster or his council candidates, Pat Workman and Mark Orgeron.

Criminals threaten to hurt and/or kill people who do not succumb to their demands; that’s how we can tell the difference between a True Citizen seeking to serve in the capacity of a Town Council Member, and a criminal (wolf in sheep’s clothing) who will go to any length to shut up and shut down anyone who dares to speak the truth.

Quartzsite Citizens don’t have the luxury of time to decipher the propaganda they are being fed.  Jennifer “Jade” Jones and her litany of lies will soon hit the streets in the form of the latest issue of her tabloid, The DESERT FREEDOM PRESS.  We don’t have time to raise consciousness, but we do have time to raise hell, because we are clearly facing evil verses good.

On May 15, 2012 we go to the polls to cast our votes.

Our choices are simply evil verses good:

EVIL 1.  Mayoral Candidate Ed Foster, recalled and twice censored. 2.  Council Candidate Pat Workman, Ed Foster’s breakfast buddy. 3.  Council Candidate Mark Orgeron, Quartzsite Elementary School teacher who proudly displays on his facebook, “CORRUPTING ARIZONA YOUTH ONE CHILD AT A TIME.”

GOOD 1.  Mayoral Candidate Jerry Lukkasson, up before dawn to clean showers and keep the Mainstreet Laundry running smoothly when he’s not helping his wife at the Eatery. 2.  Incumbent Vice-Mayor Barbara Cowell enjoying 45 years of love for and dedication to Quartzsite, Arizona. 3.  Incumbent Council Member Joe Winslow who stays strong despite being the most heavily hit target by the criminal element.

It’s a no-brainer…David took down Goliath and now it is our turn to do the same…

Be a Town comprised mostly of Elders who stand up and gain VICTORY over evil!!!