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Procrastination puts the brakes on goals that require our attention, and the following exercise is a great way to push past avoidance behavior.

Instead of berating yourself for not getting around to the projects on your list of goals, try this…

Choose one of your goals to focus on and give just five minutes to the project.  More often than not, you will lose track of time and end up heart-long into the project at hand. 

You deserve to live your dreams, and a mere five minute commitment can get you going!







This witch-hunt against Police Chief Jeff Gilbert got into full swing about four years ago.  Chief Gilbert graduated from the FBI Academy on a friday and by the next Tuesday then-mayor Steve Bennett was leading the posse to release Chief Gilbert from his duties.

Since then we have watched a host of posse members come and go, while Police Chief Gilbert continues to serve the Town of Quartzsite. 

Ed Foster has tried unsuccessfully on several occasions to take down our Police Chief and it’s STILL on Foster’s agenda. 

In fact, Ed Foster has absolutely no vision whatsoever for Quartzsite EXCEPT to get rid of our Police Chief, fire the Town Manager, and meanwhile carry a baby bottle with dirty water around as if well-water from Steve Bennett’s pool is going to win the victory.

Hey, for those who got caught up in the story about Quartzsite’s water – Foster just can’t let go of deceiving people into believing that said baby bottle tells the story about Quartzsite’s water.  What everyone conveniently forgets to remember is this:

The morning after Foster made the false  allegation to officials that our water was dangerous, a team of professionals came out to check the town’s water and VOILA!!!  it passed inspection.

Moral of the Story…

Don’t throw the town out with dirty swimming pool water that didn’t even come from the town’s supply and NEVER trust a man who poses as a mayor – even when he’s not – while in his sixties still carries around a baby bottle.

By the way, almost every town in America suffers from yucky tasting water which is why most Americans either buy their water or have a filter in place on their faucet.  Once again, stop falling for Foster’s lies and resume thinking for yourself!




Aloha to Concerned Leaders of Community:

Relentless harassment against Law Enforcement and Community in the little desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona prompts me to seek assistance by exposing the truth of our situation.

Psycho-sociopathic behavior by a group known as Citizens Coalition is running rampant in our predominately elder Community and neither our Police Chief nor our Citizenry can rely on La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman because he repeatedly denies to prosecute any charges from Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and Police Officers regarding these particular anarchists; Dana Stadler, Jennifer Jade Jones, Ed Foster, and Michael Roth.

Why would any County Prosecutor find this ruthless ongoing harassment acceptable behavior?    County Attorney Sam Vederman is setting an example for our children that the behavior you are about to witness in the below video link is acceptable behavior that does not require prosecution.   Mr. Vederman is literally condoning persecution against Quartzsite Police Chief Jeff Gilbert and Police Officers by repeatedly refusing to prosecute the offenders. 

The first three videos in the following thread (Roth’s Arrest, Stadler’s Arrest; Michael Roth’s Warning to Police Chief Gilbert) raises the frightening reality that if they will so boldly do this to Police then they are planting a seed of fear in the Quartzsite Community 90% of whom are over the age of 60.

In the first video (Roth’s Arrest) Michael Roth makes two statements that confirm the corrupt relationship between these anarchist members of Citizens Coaliton and County Attorney Sam Vederman. 

First, in reference to charges being brought up as a result of this arrest along with charges from the past Roth responds with “We’re gonna beat all of them.” 

Second, in reference to our Town Attorney who is the spouse of the police department clerk you see in the following video, Roth says to her “Tell your husband it ain’t gonna work”.

Despite all the bullying and verbal abuse against our Police Chief and Police Officers that you are about to witness in the first three videos of the following thread, despite the fact that both Roth and Stadler are on probation for actions against the town, yesterday La Paz County Attorney Sam Vederman made it clear to Chief Gilbert that he, Sam Vederman refuses to prosecute Michael Roth and Dana Stadler on any charges including multiple resisting arrest felany charges, stating that his decision is based on “no reasonable likelihood of conviction.”

County Attorney Sam Vederman’s extreme bias against the Quartzsite Police Department and the Citizens of Quartzsite Town endangers the safety of all.  The relentless verbal abuse toward our Police Officers by Roth and Stadler, accompanied by their arrogance at getting away with this bullying behavior sheds light on the undermining efforts by County Attorney Sam Vederman against the Quartzsite Police Department and the Town of Quartzsite.

After watching the following first three videos, please email County Attorney Sam Vederman at asking him the question,

“Can you explain to us, Sam Vederman why you find this behavior acceptable?”





Today County Attorney Sam Vederman made it clear that he refuses to prosecute Michael Roth and Dana Stadler on many charges including multiple resisting arrest felany charges stating that his decision is based on “no reasonable likelihood of conviction.”

In the video of Roth’s arrest Michael Roth exposes Sam Vederman’s extreme bias against the Quartzsite Police Department when, in reference to any and all charges brought against these two men Roth states, “We’re gonna beat all of them.” 

The relentless verbal abuse toward our police officers by Roth and Stadler, accompanied by their arrogance at getting away with this bullying behavior sheds light on the undermining efforts by Sam Vederman against QPD and the Town of Quartzsite.

The first three videos in this video thread (Roth’s Arrest; Stadler’s Arrest; Michael Roth’s Warning to Police Chief Jeff Gilbert) confirm the alliance between County Attorney Sam Vederman and town bullies Michael Roth and Dana Stadler.  

No County Attorney in his right mind would allow the sort of behavior you are about to witness in these videos, therefore the question we must ask ourselves is this:

Why would a county prosecutor find this behavior acceptable?






          You gotta believe in something
           because it’s true, and not
           just because somebody
           told you to

           Like the stars and the moon
           and the bright sun at noon
           you gotta believe in something
           because it’s true

           You gotta help somebody
           when you see them in pain
           when it’s wet and cold
           outside, bring them in
           from the rain

           Don’t judge their circumstance
           it don’t matter anyway
           You gotta help somebody
           when you see them in pain


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Many times, what appeared to be obstacles turned out to be opportunities that led me into more enjoyable dimensions of living. During my college days, with two classes remaining to complete graduate school I encountered resistance from a professor who – unlike those professors for two years prior – refused to allow my baby-wearing self into his class. I was placed in a position of making a choice between my upcoming graduate degree or maintaining the mother/child bond. With Sarah Lee at my breast, serenity in my heart, and faith in our future I turned away from the choice to compromise, walked out of the professor’s office, glided down the thick wooden steps of the social science building, and strode confidently away from the university.

Three days later, while reading the best-selling book FIT FOR LIFE I learned of a doctoral program in Natural Nutrition that could be achieved, in most part, through correspondence. Upon applying to the Life Science Institute at Austin, Texas and submitting my graduate thesis I soon heard back from the president, T.C. Fry. This honorable man was so impressed with my thesis that he offered me a full tuition scholarship along with a writing assistantship for developing a Natural Mothering curriculum.

My future reality would have been COMPLETELY different, not to mention vividly compromising had I opted to adhere to the condescending demands of that professor and obediently turned little Sarah Lee over to someone else while attending his mandatory classes. Yes, Richard Bach, it’s true…the only thing that shatters dreams is compromise.


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We are like the computer that reads, “Are you sure?” whenever we endeavor to delete a file from it’s memory. We sit there staring at our monitor/mirror wondering just how serious we are about changing, just how committed we are to superb health, just how willing we are to let go of the single most powerful tool ever devised for the sake of avoiding our emotions—excess food.


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Here’s another one of
my favorite creations…

Cut up bananas into
bite-sized pieces
Cut up an avocado into
small chunks
Cut crispy red grapes
in half
Toss together gently
Serve on a lettuce
leaf in a bowl
A fruit taco salad
to be sure

RAW FOOD RECIPES:  A Fruitarian Child’s Delight!

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“You’ve got to believe it to see it.”

Wayne Dyer

We manifest what matters most when it is most needed in our lives.  Timing is everything and our upcoming journey will be in the proper moon – we simply need to stay focused on its manifestation – everyday sit with your heart’s desire as if you are already living it by doing the things that you would be doing in the fulfillment of your goal.
The way I manifested my journey to Hawaii was this:  my horse-loving five year old daughter and I would buy mangos at the store, then go sit by a horse pasture in the middle of the woods and spread out a large HAWAII beach towel.  There we would sit and eat mangos while watching the horse grazing in the pasture. 
We didn’t have a penny to our name at the time, yet it wasn’t that many moons later when we were living in Hawaii and my daughter was volunteering for a horse rescue mission where we ate mangos for lunch and I spent my afternoons watching her groom and ride the horses.
Have fun projecting yourself forward in time and don’t worry about HOW it’s all gonna come about.  Miracles need us to stay out of the HOW and into the WHY. 
Why you want something to manifest is what matters most; listen to your heart, it’s telling you what you need to know…