“Freedom cannot be achieved unless the women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression.”  Nelson Mandela
Isadora Duncan freed us from ballet; until then only a select few got to dance, while other girls were not allowed to.
I am freeing us from the belief that women bring on their own demise when we embrace and express our soulful selves. 
Modern dance, the result of Isadora’s valiant efforts to free the female spirit is still considered sexual entertainment and enticement in the minds of too many men, leaving women to feel raped on levels both subtle and insane…it is insane that a man would even THINK to push himself on a woman, regardless who she is – married to him or not!
Some crimes are meant not to be forgiven, lest more of the same pour forth.  Some criminals just need to stay away from those they violated.  The “Dukes” and “Jims” of my past are to remain there…not so much as a hello.  And as for the masturbator in the next booth, Jason or Kevin or whoever you REALLY are, we’re watching you close at the library and at Denny’s too.
A woman is never at fault for the actions of a man.  Doesn’t matter what we’re wearing or what we’re doing – it’s not about a man and it’s not for a man.  Religions are notorious for oppressing their women from dancing, then forcing them to entertain the men.  Female sexuality does not belong to man.  Wolves in sheep clothing, men wearing the garb of god have held women down in every way – raped her daughters and slaughtered her sons.
Tough times require furious dancing, and I’m furious!  Yes, this girl is on fire and I’m here to ignite the lunar fuel in every female and her two-soul brothers (gay guys) in this blossoming full moon.  Let’s get a vision for these next forty years…there’s so much to be done. The only difference between revolution and evolution is the amount of time, so let’s further faster the primal mothering movement by remembering who we are:  a child of nature, endowed with empathy and compassion. 
Children belong at the breast, women belong at the helm, and men belong safe under the wings of matriarchy.  Women don’t send their sons to war, nor do they celebrate the rape of their daughters.  And they sure did not decide to stamp their approval on the new twist of torture – sons being raped and daughters going to war.
Our prisons are filled with men who have violated women and children, while other countries suffer at the hands of American soldiers trained to be brutal.  Does nobody remember the massacres on American soil that led to what we call “this great country”? There’s nothing great about maiming and murdering, raping and pillaging.  There’s nothing for the anglo-saxon to be proud of.  Only an admittance of generational guilt accompanied by change will suffice.  Even the Ku Klux Klan member was born with a heart.  It was what got drilled into their young little heads that make them lethal to society. 
All babies are born pure, not just one said son from 2013 years ago.  In fact, the religion responsible for more deaths and destruction the world over is the very religion that little boy was born into…Judeo-Christianity has led the way in destroying nature and her offspring, so it is only fitting that they assume the lead in correcting their ills. 
Every child is born pure, and dancing is the soul’s way of celebrating that purity. 
Isadora Duncan tells it like it is..
.”You were wild once; don’t let them tame you!”
Love, Hygeia Halfmoon

About quartzsitearizonatruthtalkers

I am Hygeia Halfmoon, author of Primal Mothering in a Modern World and designer of the Cozy Cradle baby sling. After finishing my seventh reading of Wayne Dyer's book Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life, I was immediately reminded of my dream to create the HERE TODAY, GONE TO MAUI Project. In networking with entrepreneurs on Maui, I have developed a partnership that allows me to be here today and gone to Maui. The truthtalker website now becomes the bridge between Maui and Quartzsite where desert dwellers and island people can exchange ideas, adventures, and experiences. To read my motivational ebooks and to request the Cozy Cradle baby sling visit

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