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“I have to be thankful that when we were young my mother was poor.  She could not afford servants or governesses for her children, and it is to this fact that I owe the spontaneous life which I had the opportunity to express as a child and never lost.” 

Isadora Duncan, Dance Revolutionary




“The question is never IF someone is lying, the question is WHY?”

Just yesterday I was stopped by a Quartzsite Citizen who questioned why I was “writing bad things” about Donna and Richard Abbie.  I met Donna a few years ago at Lazy Daze where she lives with Richard Abbie and her two children.  My visit with her came to an abrupt end because I could not handle being around her abusive nature towards her children.  Yelling, bullying, and belittling is the only way to describe what took place in that frame of fifteen minutes.  Today, Donna and Richard Abbie practice that same abusive behavior towards me and the Community.


Because I am a Truth Talker on behalf of our Town.  I go to every Council Meeting, every Town Hall Meeting, and most community functions, so I know informed people when I see them.   I also have first-hand experience with many members of the negative faction – these people who effort to destroy Quartzsite.

This is not my first rodeo in our little desert town – my awareness of Donna and Richard Abbie’s bullying behavior goes back to that visit I had with her years ago.  As a free-lance writer, I contribute this literary tool to protect our Citizenry from these town bullies and THIS is why I am a target of their bullying.  Richard Abbie belittles me relentlessly on internet including blog talk radio.  His lies are never-ending.

When I started explaining this truth to the local woman she responded with that same blank look that I see in the faces of the people who follow this negative faction and their lies.

According to Neale Donald Walsch, “Truth is often uncomfortable.  It is only comforting to those who do not wish to ignore it.  Then, truth becomes not only comforting, but inspiring.”

As spoken in the peak of the movie A FEW GOOD MEN, the general reminds the attorney…

“But you can’t handle the truth.”




Revolutionaries are familiar with danger, because it is the nature of corruption to go to any lengths at hiding Truth, explains why Vito tried to run me down on Main Street…his business is on the Boycott List that I formulated when it was clearly time to take the bullies by the horns.

Criminals reveal themselves in times of desperation, and that is exactly what is happening in Quartzsite, Arizona.  The closer they come to being pulled up by the roots, the more ruthless becomes their behavior; like using a big grey truck to run down a Singer/Songwriter on her bicycle.

The criminal element of our town has a staunch fear of being found out that what they have to offer is what THEY want and THEY need.  Think about it…when was the last time you saw Ed Foster, Jennifer “Jade” Jones, Bill Moore, Dean Taylor, Michael Roth, Dana Stadler, Jack Jones, Mark Orgeron, Pat Workman, the two big dicks Richard Tran and Richard Oldham, Doug Gilford, Vito, members of the now defunct QPOA or any of their following pitching in at the Food Bank?

Wolves in sheep’s clothing NEVER come out of character long enough to actually make a positive difference because they are too busy gnawing on bones and planning their next attack.  It’s just the nature of corruption…